Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 3 and Volume 91.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Fire Fighting Equipment Catalogue No. 38 has been issued by the Fyr-Fyter Products, 220 East 42nd Street, New York, N. Y., to illustrate and describe their full line of equipment. It has 103 pages and many illustrations. Oxygenator and Inhalor E. & J. Manufacturing Company, Glendale, Cal., has issued an illustrated folder to describe their oxygenator and newly designed inhalor for administering oxygen or carbogen. Flame Gun A flame gun for burning brush and setting backfires is being manufactured by D. B. Smith & Co., Utica, N. Y. It burns kerosene or a wide variety of oils. An illustrated folder describing the appliance has been issued. Fire Facts Gamewell Company, Newton Upper Falls, Mass., lias issued a book containing facts about fires, telephone alarms, etc., reprinted from FIRK ENGINEERING and other publications. It contains a reprint of a round table discussion in FIRE ENGINEERING on delayed alarms due…

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