McLaughlin Honored

Issue 4 and Volume 91.

McLaughlin Honored A testimonial banquet was tendered to Edward F. McLaughlin, who recently resigned after serving nearly eight years as Fire Commissioner of Boston. The dinner was held on the evening of February 9 in the Hotel Bradford, Boston, and was attended by over 750 persons. A new Packard sedan was given Mr. McLaughlin as a gift from his friends and associates. Daniel J. Looney was Executive Chairman of the committee in charge of the banquet and Francis J. W. Ford acted as toastmaster. Chief Samuel J. Pope was Honorary Chairman. The guests included Governor Charles F. Hurley, of Massachusetts; Mayor Maurice J. Tobin, Fire Commissioner William Arthur Reilly, Ex-Mayor Frederick W. Mansfield, and Attorney General Paul A. Dever. Tom Maren, director of entertainment of “The Pent House Revue” at the Hotel Bradford, gave Mr. McLaughlin a jewel studded watch. The committee on arrangements was composed of Joseph F. Coleman,…

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