Issue 5 and Volume 91.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day. Swell Place to Park! When Truck 38, N. Y. F. D., in Belmont Avenue (the Bronx), was about to leave house in response to alarm it found egress blocked by a parked car on front bumper of which was a man’s body. Lieut. Mangan ordered Fireman Max Browner, the chauffeur, to stop truck, sent Fireman Gibbons to move vehicle out of way, apply first aid and call ambulance. Then truck hurried to fire, which proved insignificant. Seems that a hit-and-run driver got panicky and abandoned his car—and victim—right in front of firehouse! What Priea Piecework? Sez “Business Week”: “Here’s to the piecework town of Huraaco, Puerto Rico; the town where they know that piecework pay puts workers on their toes, the town where they even keep the firemen on piecework, paying them according to the number of…

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