Issue 5 and Volume 91.

FALSE ALARMS HANGOVER One of the boys had not only dined after the meeting was over, but it may be said that he dined too well. He was the leftover at the bar. His friends had deserted him. As he started back towards the hotel, a dragon ran in circles all around him. Whichever way he went there was the dragon, sometimes the tail bumped against him, and sometimes he could see the glare of its eyes. Finally the fellow lost his patience. Pointing his finger at the frisky dragon, he said: “Look here, young fellow. If you’re not careful, I’ll take a Bromo-Seltzer and get rid of you.” How was the bride to know who was the best man at her wedding when only her husband went on the honeymoon. TOO COOPERATIVE The tillerman at the truck company was having wife trouble. There is nothing like a fire company…

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