Manufacturers’ Announcemets

Issue 5 and Volume 91.

Manufacturers’ Announcemets Ahrens-Fox Manager William De Rohan has been appointed Chicago District Manager for the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. His services in an advisory capacity will still be available to his friends in the middle west. Improvement in Extinguisher Improvements have been made in the control wheel on the operating valve of seat type extinguishers made by Walter Kidde & Co., 60 West Street, Bloomfield, N. J. The makers claim that the new hand wheel gives a better grip, more leverage, and is easier to operate. There is a pull out pin, which is kept in tension at all times to assure positive sealing. It is said that with this type valve, premature operation due to vibration is impossible. Vapor Nozzle Tip A vapor tip for standard shut-off nozzles, which is small enough to be carried by a fireman in his pocket, is being distributed by Joseph L.…

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