N. F. P. A. Meets at Atlantic City

Issue 6 and Volume 91.

N. F. P. A. Meets at Atlantic City In addressing the forty-second annual convention of the National Fire Protection Association held at Atlantic City, N. J., Robert S. Moulton, Boston, estimated the 1937 fire losses in the United States at $285,000,000 or $8,000,000 below the 1936 figures. The largest loss of the year was the burning of the Hindenburg at Lakehurst with a loss of almost $4,000,000. There were twentythree fires in which the loss was $250,000 or more. This is nineteen lower than for the same group in 1936 Chief Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington, Mass., President of the I. A. F. C., presented a paper on “The Future of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.” in which he pointed out the features of the educational program now being inaugurated. The Committee on Forest Fires reported that ninety-three per cent of forest fires in this country were man made. Seven…

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