Fire Preventionists Meet

Issue 6 and Volume 91.

Fire Preventionists Meet Warren Y. Kimball, National Fire Protection Association; Norman Sherwood, Rockwood Sprinkler Company, and L. A. Gray, Simplex Wire and Cable Company, were the speakers at the meeting of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Association, which was held in the Central Fire Station, East Weymouth, recently. Motion pictures were shown of the action of automatic sprinklers and the dual guard system of fire protection. Luncheon was at “The Brick Kitchen.” The afternoon session was devoted to a demonstration ol hazards of faulty insulation. Deputy Chief Fred Webb, Weymouth Fire Department, showed members of the association the work done by Weymouth firemen in stopping a bad fire in the edifice of the First Unitarian Church the day before the meeting. Captain Joseph McCarthy presided at the meeting, assisted by Secretary Albert C. Maxwell.

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