A Statewide Program for Efficient Training of Firemen

Issue 6 and Volume 91.

A Statewide Program for Efficient Training of Firemen The Vocational Division of the Massachusetts State Department of Education Cooperates with Other National and State Agencies in the Establishment of Schools for Firemen AS the fire siren sounds out its sudden and insistent warning to crowded streets a discriminating observer will note several happenings of more than passing moment. He will note the policemen on the beat and in cruising cars swing into vigorous action to open a traffic lane for approaching fire apparatus. He will note that the traffic lights change to red to stop the motion of ordinary traffic. He may see men and apparatus from neighboring communities responding as a matter of routine, as well as men and apparatus from the community in which the alarm has been raised. These happenings indicate a Fire >Department which has recognized the value of mutual aid and one which has learned…

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