Issue 6 and Volume 91.

AMERICAN-LAFRANCE AND FOAMITE INTRODUCES STREAMLINED PUMPER New Machine Includes Many Novel Features, and Expresses a New Idea in Motor Apparatus Design THE American – LaFrance – Foamite Corporation, of Elmira, N. Y., has just developed a highly attractive, streamlined pumper, in which many novel features are incorporated. The new truck is illustrated herewith. The cab, of sturdy construction and seating five men. is built of sheet steel, reinforced with steel ribbing. Safety glass throughout is provided. Streamlined Holder for Extension Ladder To eliminate the undesirable feature of having the extension ladder supported on the side of the truck, and overhanging at the rear, a streamlined holder is placed over the body of the truck, and extends into the upper part of the cab. By this method of mounting, the ladder does not project beyond the body of the truck. Receptacles are provided for suction hose at either side of body…

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