A Truck for Bridge Fires

Issue 8 and Volume 91.

A Truck for Bridge Fires The Borough of Richmond, one of the boroughs of Greater New York, is located on an Island. Connecting the Island to New Jersey are three bridges. Over these bridges travel many gasoline and oil trucks. To provide for fires occurring in such trucks, Deputy Chief John Spencer (recently retired), who was located on the Island, equipped a 750-gallon pumper to handle such fires in an effective manner. The truck carries a 300-gallon water tank, which is full body width, and the length of the body, and is 16 inches high. The hose compartment is directly over this tank. The truck is equipped with five cans of foam powder and a foam generator. With the water carried in the tank, approximately 2,500 gallons of foam can be generated. Utilizing l 1/2-inch hose, equipped with 1/4-inch nozzle, the tank carries sufficient water to maintain a stream for…

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