Ousted for Drunken Driving

Issue 8 and Volume 91.

Ousted for Drunken Driving A Pittsburgh, Pa., fireman was ousted from the department, was fined twentyfive dollars, and is being held for the Grand Jury for operating a fire truck while intoxicated. Two associates were charged with failing to report this condition, and one was exonerated. Capt. Cuneen, who was charged with failure to prevent the condition, had words with Chief Nicholas Phelan at a hearing of the Trial Board, and is also charged with disrespect. A local newspaper, said in its editorial: “The prompt action taken by Fire Chief Nicholas Phelan in the case is reassuring. “One can scarcely imagine anything more frightful than the possibilities inherent in a fire truck driven by a drunken man. With no speed restrictions or traffic light regulations to stop him, such a man might create havoc as he drove the huge truck through the streets to a fire. streets to a fire.…

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