Issue 8 and Volume 91.

THE COVER “Home, Sweet Home!—There’s No Place Like Home!” THIS month’s caption is inspired by the realization of a long felt want and need by my old home buddies of the Nyack Fire Patrol. After living in a little “dog coop” of their own construction on a back street for about 20 years, the Village Fathers (plus WPA) have finally erected suitable quarters attached to the Central Fire Station. Said quarters were opened and dedicated “in due and ancient form” and properly “wet down” on the evening of July 5, with the very competent aid of the Godfather of the Nyack Patrol, Capt. “Sid” Johnston, and Capt. “Bill” Casliman, New York Patrol, and a delegation of “the boys” of No. 6, in mufti. Well, it was worth waiting for, and if any of you are planning a new fire house on limited funds and want to know how to lay…

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