The Community Oil Fire Hazard

Issue 8 and Volume 91.

The Community Oil Fire Hazard A Demonstration of the Principles Governing the Conduct of Flammable Liquids and Vapors, and Their Fire Hazards (Concluded from last issue) PROBABLY the greatest fear having the least foundation is the almost universal belief that a spark may get inside an underground tank and cause it to explode. Such fear is shared not only by the public and a large portion of their fire authorities, but also by some oil operators. The first group may be excused because of its ignorance and because of what it has read in the newspapers; the second, because of lack of opportunity to secure actual records of such fires; while the third has no excuse at all, except stupidity. No man in this room or elsewhere can point to a single instance where an underground tank in service, has exploded. Let us look into the possibilities. In Fig. 10…

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