Questions and Answers

Issue 8 and Volume 91.

Questions and Answers NOTE—Readers are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order received. Names are omitted from questions unless otherwise specified Discharge from Open Butt To the Editor: Will you kindly give me the formula for finding nozzle pressure and the number of gallons of water discharged from an open butt of 400 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose with an 80-pound plug pressure ? E. C. F. Answer: The method of finding open butt pressure on a line of 2 1/2-inch hose is as follows: Use nozzle pressure formula; N. P. = E. P. / (1.1 + K. L.) K, for 2 1/2-inch open butt on 2 1/2-inch hose, is 2.8. L, in the formula represents the number of 50-foot lengths in the line. In this formula, the engine pressure will be the hydrant pressure. Then, N. P. = 80 / (1.1 + 8 X…

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