Issue 10 and Volume 91.

CORRESPONDENCE What’s Wrong with the Fire-Fighting Industry? To the Editor: In comparing the fire-fighting industry to others, any attempt to cover the situation with a general analytical suggestion, obviously, would have to be vague. Not that the industry suffers from a maze of ills, but to say that it is “out of balance” does not exactly satisfy. Yet, it is doubtful if there is an industry that is so highly organized from one standpoint and yet so wastefully unorganized from another. There are the experts on the one side, with the novices on the other; the critics and the pioneers, the users and the producers, the engineers and the manufacturers, the associated and the unassociated. Another outcome is that there are hundreds of devices continually bobbing up with great duplication and the recurrence of the “discovery” of an old established principle. After several years of effort, tests and, particularly, expense,…

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