Three Dead in Oil Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 91.

Three Dead in Oil Fire Three persons were dead and nearly one hundred injured as the result of an oil fire which swept through the $15,000,000 Sinclair oil refinery at Wellsville, N. Y. Before the fire, the plant was delivering 7,000 barrels of crude oil daily. The fire was a serious one. If the flaming oil flowed down the Genesee River, it would have gone out of hounds for the river flows through the heart of the village. If naptha tanks had exploded, other plants might have become involved. Early in the fight to control the flames, there was a shortage of foam powders. Supplies were rushed from Elmira, Olean, Bolivar, Bradford, Pa., and Smothport, Pa. Dikes were thrown up to hold the burning oil. The chief fuel for the flames was oil and naptha from a large storage tank. The blaze had started in the dewaxing plant. A 2,500…

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