Issue 10 and Volume 91.

FALSE ALARMS NO MATTER A tourist, who was driving along a country road, saw that the roof of the nearby farm house was on fire. He shouted wildly to the woman who was standing in the doorway, ignorant of the blaze. “Hey lady, your house is on fire.” “What?” This time a little louder, “Your house is on fire.” “What? I’m a little deaf.” This time with all the lung power he possessed, “your house in on fire.” “Is that all?” “Well, it’s all that I can think of right now.” There was a change of occupancy in an apartment across the fire house. The new tenant, an ingenious girl, pinned a sign to the window shade, “Sorry, boys.” THE FULL FACTS A fellow who arrived late at the fire school, asked one who was present at the morning session, how the main paper was. “Oh, the fellow gave an…

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