With the Editor

Issue 12 and Volume 91.

With the Editor Off On The Wrong Foot With help of the P. W. A., many towns are now installing water systems. Fire protection is not being overlooked, for fire hose is being purchased by most of the towns getting new water works. But somebody is giving these small communities a wrong steer. Almost without exception they are purchasing single jacket Underwriters hose for municipal fire service. This hose may be all right for the low hydrant pressures provided by these small water plants, but what town, once a water supply is available and a volunteer Fire Department organized, is willing to go along without a pumper? And once a pumper is on hand, the single jacket hose is next to obsolete. Furthermore, even without a pumper, single jacket hose has no place in the municipal fire service. In industrial service it is satisfactory —but for outdoor use, where a…

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