Issue 12 and Volume 91.

The WATCH DESK Our inquring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day. Report From “K-9” Five dogs of the N. Y. F. D., convalescing from colds at the Ellin Prince Speyer Hospital for Animals, New York City, showed great improvement as result of a fire in a loft near the hospital. Cappy, Dalmatian of Eng. 65, nearly broke’ his cage down trying to get out and go to work with the Braves. To say the least, what with bells and sirens of engines and howls of the dogs, it was a “doggone excitin’ time.” To cheer up canine inmates, Mrs. George Bethune Adams who, though 90 years old, superintends the institution and goes to all nearby fires which might menace its animal inmates, permitted Fire Marshal Thomas Brophy to visit the fire dogs “after hours.” Firemen Kept Their Distance Two hundred cases of dynamite and the truck that carried…

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