Issue 12 and Volume 91.

ANOTHER FISH STORY Jay W. Stevens, Supported by Documentary Photos, Tells About a Big One Who Finally Got Away THIS is a fish story. If you are of the usual brand of fishermen, the very confession that this is a fish story will cause you to straighten up and with a resigned air, get ready for a tale that should win admission in the Liars’ Club. This is an unusual fish story, because, for the benefit of the doubting Thomases, authentic records are available. First an introduction of characters— Daniel J. Tierney, President of the I. A. F. C., whose integrity cannot be doubted; Jay W. Stevens, whose word is also not questioned; and Chief Charles W. Rapp, Logan, Utah, who always watches over his guests. On the way to the convention of the Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs at Salt Lake City, where Chief Tierney was scheduled to speak, a…

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