Chinese War Adds to Fire Hazards

Issue 12 and Volume 91.

Chinese War Adds to Fire Hazards The hazards and new problems occasioned by war is presented from the Fire Department’s standpoint in the annual report of the Fire Brigade of Shanghai, China. The following is taken from the report: “Most of these fires had to be dealt with under conditions which were so exacting as to tax, to the very limit, the physical endurance and courage of the professional and volunteer staffs. In nearly every case, the fire was found to have made considerable headway, with large buildings or arears involved by the time the brigade had arrived, particularly In the case of aerial bombing, where Incendiary chemicals had been used. “In many cases the area on fire was so great that the officer in charge had to decide upon the street at which the detachment would endeavor to check the outbreak, rather than upon the house or section of…

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