Blast Kills Chemists

Issue 1 and Volume 92.

Blast Kills Chemists Two men were killed and two others were seriously injured on December 12 in a chemical explosion that wrecked part of the research laboratory of the American Cyanamid Company, located on the Boston Post Road at Stamford, Conn. Dr. Ralph W. Crane, Stamford Medical Examiner, believed the explosion occurred while one of the employee was subliming a compound known as melanine in a small still in the laboratory. The blast shattered approximately 90 windows in the plant and shook the entire five-story building. A metal cone was blown through a steel door sill and two large holes were torn in a brick corridor wall. Another chemist at the plant who suffered severe injuries, which included second degree burns of the arms, head and chest, died the following morning at the Stamford Hospital. The other two injured workmen recovered.

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