Issue 2 and Volume 92.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE Herein is presented e series of definitions, questions end answers designed to aid fire department officers in preparing themselves for promotional examinations. In this department, which appears monthly, will be included questions typical of examinations held throughout the country. Definitions Piassaba (or Pissava): A strong vegetable fibre imported from Brazil, used largely in making brooms. Pickling: The term is used in connection with plating works, where the metal is cleaned by dipping in nitric and sulphuric acid. Pilot Light: A small light burning constantly to ignite a larger light as occasion demands, as applied to a gas furnace. Also small lights on electric circuits which keep burning when the current is on, as applied to electric irons. Pitch Kettle: Usually a direct-fire heated brick furnace. Used in breweries to heat pitch for the lining of kegs. Pittsburgh Construction: A type of slow-burning construction in which the floors…

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