Industrial Protection

Issue 2 and Volume 92.

Industrial Protection The plant of the American Enka Corporation. at Enka, N. C., makes rayon and is located eight miles west of Asheville. For that reason it was necessarv to establish a plant fire department, which now consists of twenty men made up of a hose company, and a ladder and salvage company. The men are trained regularly and participate in two drills weekly. The captains of the two companies and the writer are graduates of the North Carolina Fire College and Drill School, and the methods used there are being followed for the training of the men. Some time ago the company directed that specifications be drawn for a truck, not too heavy, and not costing over $4,500. A truck was developed that has also met with the approval of small communities that could not afiford an expensive apparatus. Three trucks similar to the Enka one have been purchased.…

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