Among the Fire Fans

Issue 2 and Volume 92.

Among the Fire Fans THIS column is for the fire fan whether you are the “lone wolf” type or a member of a box club, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your city or your group, and about how you aid your Fire Department. This will help other buffs in pursuing their hobby of keeping up with firemen. Perhaps the fastest growing group is the Boston Sparks. This association, though organized in 1938, already has 185 members and an annual income of more than $1,500. Their splendid cooperation with the Boston Fire Department has won them official recognition through the General Orders of the department. Through a private company, the sparks are notified the instant a box hits in or around Boston. They frequently are first to arrive at the box. On January 9, the Boston Sparks gave a testimonial dinner to members of the drill team…

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