Issue 2 and Volume 92.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day. There’s One Born Every Minute Five families fled in terror when an explosion occurred in the flat of Paul Colis, New York City. Seems that Colis wanted to cut a 50-gallon barrel in two and decided to do it by means of a blow torch! Barrel wasn’t as empty as he thought it was, and gasses let go, creating a job for the Braves. Sad Case Pathetic case of month was that of Thomas McNamara, truck driver, who was bound for New York where two of his children were ill in a hospital and who burned to death in his truck, when the 10-ton vehicle turned over on the Boston Post Road, at Gilford (Conn.) and took fire after an explosion. So hot was blaze that it was an hour before his body was extricated, in spite…

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