San Francisco Protects the Fair

Issue 2 and Volume 92.

San Francisco Protects the Fair More than 100 seasoned San Francisco fire fighters will be stationed in three fire houses on Treasure Island, when the Exposition opens February 18. Chief Charles J. Brennan said two of the fire houses will be for truck companies and land mobile equipment. The third will house the 12-member crew for the fireboat tender, which will be assigned to the island. The island Fire Department has been officially designated as the Treasure Island Battalion of the San Francisco Fire Department. All members assigned will have had three years or more experience in the downtown parts of the city, Chief Brennan said. New men will be appointed to take their places on the mainland for the duration of the fair. Treasure Island will be fully equipped to take care of two alarm fires. The first alarm will call out one half of the fire fighters and…

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