Fire Protection for San Francisco Fair

Issue 3 and Volume 92.

Fire Protection for San Francisco Fair With the completion of the $250,000 high pressure system for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, a score of fire protectionists declared after conclusive tests on Treasure Island that the fire fighting facilities of the $50,000,000 World’s Fair of the West are entirely adequate. Some months before the fair was opened Chief Charles J. Brennan, of the San Francisco Fire Department, and a crew of 60 firemen put the newlycompleted salt water manifold system through its paces. The Fireboat “Dennis T. Sullivan” was connected to a manifold on the south side of the 400acre man-made site, and pumped 5,000 gallons per minute at a residual pressure on the system of 160 pounds. The pumping pressure was 170 pounds. After making appropriate deductions for the difference in elevation between the pump centers and the mains, there was an average system loss in head of only…

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