Electrical Hazards Shown at School Gathering

Issue 4 and Volume 92.

Electrical Hazards Shown at School Gathering A demonstration of electrical hazards and a phase of fire prevention work was shown by representatives of Providence, R. I., at the convention of the American Association of School Administrators, Cleveland, Ohio. This was in charge of John F. McFadden, Special Investigator, Providence, R. L, Fire Department. A short movie w as shown, “The Red Demon,” which illustrated some of the hazards in the home and methods of correcting them, in addition to the proper way of turning in a fire alarm. After the movie, a demonstration of the electrical hazard board, illustrated, was given by William T. Wyman, a teacher in the electrical department of the Central High School. The demonstration shows the proper way to use electricity in the home. It is a three-panel board and the shocks that may be received while handling electrical apparatus and current connections were shown by…

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