Fire Apparatus Carries Its Water

Issue 4 and Volume 92.

Fire Apparatus Carries Its Water A fire apparatus of special design to carry 2,500 gallons of water has been manufactured by the Seagrave Corporation for the Fire Department of Los Angeles County, Cal. The motor is the Seagrave 12-cylinder, 240-horsepower unit, with a bore of 4 1/2inch and a stroke of 4 3/4-inch. It has a Seagrave four-stage parallel series type centrifugal pump. The water tank has ten compartments each of 250 gallons, and is made Irom 10-gauge steel. The wheel base is 227 inches and the unit has an overall length of 3631/2 inches, an overall width of 100 inches and an overall height of 109 inches. When loaded, the apparatus has an approximate weight of 52,000 pounds. It carries 1,000 feet of 21/2-inch double jacket fire hose, 1,200 feet of 11/2-inch double jacket fire hose, 200 feet of 11/2-inch double jacket fire hose and 200 feet of 1-inch…

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