Rescue Work Considered by Westchester Chiefs

Issue 4 and Volume 92.

Rescue Work Considered by Westchester Chiefs Advanced methods in rescue work and the dangers incident to modern fire lighting amid chemicals and poisonous and inflammable gases, was the topic of an interesting address by Captain Theodore Beliakotf, Rescue Company No. 3, New York Fire Department, before the regular meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan of Westchester County. The meeting was held at the headquarters of Harmon Engine Company No. 3, Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y., on the evening of March 15. In spite of rain and fog, there were 145 members and guests at the meeting, which was presided over by Ex-Chief Roy Woolley, Earchmont, President. The members were welcomed by a witty address by Mayor Clarence E. Powell, of Croton, and also by Eire Commissioner Edward Eckloff and Water Commissioner W. Dashield, of the village. Nine new members were elected 😮 the Plan. After routine business bad been transacted. the…

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