Fire Course on Air

Issue 4 and Volume 92.

Fire Course on Air Fire Commissioner William Arthur Reilly. Boston, has received a resolution directed to him by vote of the Massachusetts I-ire Department Instructors’ Association in appreciation for the modern method of imparting instructive knowledge to hundreds of interested firemen unable to attend the Boston Fire College lectures. Members of the Massachusetts Fire Department Instructors’ Association Have carried instructions orally and by pamphlets or correspondence, to ail parts of the Commonwealth as well as to many other states and some foreign countries. This year a portion of each session of the Boston Fire College is broadcast daily and firemen from surrounding towns and cities are able to get the benefit of the lectures on the various subjects included in the Fire College Course. The January sessions were attended by officers from departments at Halifax, N S., St. John, N. B., and officers from New England cities outside of Boston.

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