Issue 4 and Volume 92.

The WATCH DESK Hungry Squirrel—Matches—Fire A nutty sort of a fire this! Thomas Isenberg, Altoona (Pa.), has or had a pet squirrel. The midnight “snack” for his pet resulted in a $2,200 fire loss. Isenberg thinks squirrel, which slept on a cot in his home near Altoona, chewed matches in a coat, setting fire to dining room. We s’pose he ate the matches as a “light desert!” Sped to Fire At Home—$5.00 Eben Strong, Olcott (N. Y.), arrested for failing to stop at traffic light, told court he was in hurry to get to his home, which was afire. Despite testimony of neighbors who said they phoned Strong to hurry home, the judge, unimpressed, slapped Strong for $5 fine. Partial Identification In Lancaster (Pa.) five times in two weeks a telephone call from an unidentified person sent the Braves out on “wild goose” runs. When a sixth call came in…

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