Chief Allen Addresses Fairfield Chiefs

Issue 5 and Volume 92.

Chief Allen Addresses Fairfield Chiefs The feature of the regular meeting of the Fairfield County Fire Chiefs” Emergency Plan held at the handsome new headquarters of the Greenwich Fire Department on the evening of April 26 was an eloquent address by Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline, Mass., former President of the I. A. F. C. Chief Allen brought with him an Italian Count, who had been sent to this country as a representative of the Fire Departments of Italy, to study American methods. He evidently had not been impressed with the fire-fighting ability of the firemen of the United States, as he very severely criticized their way of attacking fires and also charged, in very broken English, that “there were too many Irish in the American Fire Departments.” After creating much amusement and considerable opposition, he sat down, and Chairman Meany, of the Educational Committee, re-introduced the speaker as Chief…

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