Firemen Trap Incendiarist

Issue 6 and Volume 92.

Firemen Trap Incendiarist A sixteen year old colored boy was arrested, after setting five fires and pulling 15 false alarms in Baltimore. After each false alarm he left a note containing threats, in the fire alarm box, signed “The Shadow.” Notes from “The Shadow” furnished Baltimore newspapers with plenty of copy until his capture. Following false alarms from the boxes on the front walls of two fire stations, all Baltimore firemen turned into watchmen. According to statements made by firemen, a crank letter was received, in which the writer declared he was going to pull false alarms at all fire house boxes. As a result, firemen stood watches all night long in front of Baltimore’s 70 fire station boxes. A fire alarm box is mounted on the wall of every station, so that persons may sound alarms without delay if they find the company there to be out. The newspapers…

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