Firemen Rescue Parrot

Issue 6 and Volume 92.

Firemen Rescue Parrot Many strange calls are received by a Fire Department, but one of the strangest was that received by Chief Vincent Kreyer, East Rochester, N. Y., to capture a pet parrot. The bird had flown to a large white oak tree. After looking over the problem, a fifty-foot ladder with six men were rushed to the spot. A few at tempts showed that rescue with a ladder would not work. The next step was to use a hose stream to knock the bird off his perch and to so wet it that it could not fly. The lowest the bird perched was a limb 40 feet bigh. The owner of the tree then went up the ladder, armed with a long bamboo pole. The bird was induced to get out on the pole, and gradually the pole was drawn in until the bird was near enough to be…

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