Street Rubbish Causes Fire

Issue 7 and Volume 92.

Street Rubbish Causes Fire An old brownstone front building in the millinery section of New York City, which had been remodeled for business occupancy, was the scene of a multiple alarm fire. Fire started in some rubbish on the street, and a gust of wind blew some sparks into an open doorway and set fire to some hat boxes. Bystanders tried to extinguish the blaze by stamping on the flames and beating burning materials with brooms. This made matters worse, for more sparks flew up and ignited additional hat boxes and tissue paper. The fire got out of control and soon involved the entire store. Glass windows melted from the heat. Fire also entered the occupancy upstairs and blew out the front windows. The first alarm was sent at 12:47 p.m. and the second at 12:56. Parked cars made it difficult for the first due engine company to get water…

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