Issue 7 and Volume 92.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE Herein it presentd a series of definitions, questions and answers designed to aid fire department officers in preparing themselves for promotional examinations. In this department, which appears monthly, will be included questions typical of examinations held throughout the country. Definitions Spark Arrester: Used on foundry cupolas, chimneys, etc., to catch sparks and prevent them from flying and igniting shingle roofs. Made of wiring netting and built like a cage over the top of a stack. Squeegee: Implement shaped like a wide hoe with a rubber strip at edge of blade, used by insurance patrol men and others for pushing water. Staging: Temporary flooring of scaffolds or platforms. (In fireproof buildings, especially theatres and churches, this constitutes an extra hazard while the building is in the course of construction, because of the large amount of light wood framing used in the interior.) Stretcher: A brick or block of…

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