Issue 7 and Volume 92.

THE COVER “Say Au Revolt, but Not Good Bye!” I’M singing that old refrain upon learning of the retirement of our good friend, Battalion Chief “Dave” Oliver, of the New York F. D. I had the pleasure and profit of listening to his words of wisdom and advice several times during the sessions of the Nyack F. D, Fire School, where he was always well received. It was never my privilege to have seen Chief Dave in action on his own stomping grounds at the N. Y. F. D. Training School, hut I did witness his superb handling of his “rookies” during the “Midnight Alarm” pageant staged in Madison Square Garden, and saw with what utter coolness he surmounted an entirely unexpected and embarrassing moment. Following out the spirit of the songtitle, it seems to me distinctly unfortunate, if a man of Chief Oliver’s abilities is to just drop out…

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