Issue 7 and Volume 92.

Correspondence Fire and Toxic Gases To the Editor: We will appreciate it very much if you Will publish the following statement : “With regard to the article ‘Fighting Fires Involving Toxic and Irritant Gases’ that appeared in the March issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, we do not wish to convey the impression in a paragraph on page 99 describing a fire in a calcium carbide warehouse, that the building was filled with harmful fumes from the decomposition of carbon tetrachloride. “It will be noted that men affected were in a narrow area, between piles of drums. Irritating fumes existed only in this very small space and men were all right immediately upon moving into the main area of the building. “It was also not intended to imply that any hazard exists in the general use of carbon tetrachloride as an extinguishing agent. The writer has been present on very many occasions…

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