Testing Flameproof Fabrics

Issue 8 and Volume 92.

Testing Flameproof Fabrics A Study of the Field and Methods of Evaluating Material Treated With Compounds ERNEST F. HARTMAN ROBERT HICKS FREDERICK HARTMAN THE necessity for a workable, easily understood and inexpensive laboratory method to test the efficacy of various fire-retarding preparations designed for use on or in fabrics has been long felt. The statistics of insurance companies show a loss of life, limb and property directly attributable to fires started by easily ignited fabrics in the form of curtains, drapes, rugs, tapestries and even clothing. The U. S. Dept, of Agriculture took a forward step in the field by issuing a bulletin for housewives informing them of a simple method for fireretarding fabrics. Commercial houses interested in selling patented mixtures have aided. Building codes and safety councils need requirements which would result in fewer fatalities in their communities. These resulted in a specification, drawn up by the U. S.…

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