With the Editor

Issue 9 and Volume 92.

With the Editor Lethal Fumigants Calcium cyanide, under the trade name of “Cyanogas,” is widely used for the destruction of vermin in buildings. In many cities it may be purchased at almost any grocery or hardware store, being merchandised in tin containers of four and six-ounce size. Quantities on hand may run into gross lots. Because the material is a powerful poison, its presence is of more than a little concern to the Fire Department. Gas thrown off by the chemical is also highly inflammable. The manufacturers state that “Cyanogas,” which is in powder form, contains approximately twenty-live per cent available hydrocyanic acid (the deadly ingredient), which is liberated upon exposure to the air when the material is spread out over a wide area. They further state that the gas is destroyed by fire, and that it is rapidly absorbed by water. On these premises the product is held to…

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