Chief Kingsley Dead

Issue 9 and Volume 92.

Chief Kingsley Dead Chief E. I. Kingsley of the Aberdeen Fire Department, Aberdeen, S. D., died in the hospital following an operation, after twenty-nine years as Chief. He was eighty-two years old, and spent sixty-seven of them fighting fires. He joined the department at the age of twelve, as a torch boy. Nine years later, in 1878, he became Assistant Engineer. After becoming the District Chief in 1896, he resigned, but was soon recalled to serve as Chief. He remained in that capacity until his death. A part of the resolution passed by the department stated: “While we mention the name of our beloved brother, Chief Edward Ira Kingsley, may our sympathies be broadened because of the interest he manifested in our welfare. He dedicated his life to fire service. He was possessed of the higher and nobler attributes of man’s nature. The record of Chief Kingsley stands out preeminently…

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