Lightning Bolt Starts Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 92.

Lightning Bolt Starts Fire At the height of one of the worst wind and electrical storms for a number of years in Bangor, Me., the Bangor Central Station received a ’phone call for a fire in the heart of the businass section. This call was followed by a box alarm. The large stone building of the Utterback-Gleason Automobile Company was hit by lightning. The bolt struck the south side of the roof and crashed into the second floor, where more than twenty second hand cars were stored, causing an explosion that blew out second story windows and enveloped nearly all of the cars in storage. Engines 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 and Aerial Ladder 1 responded. Nine lines of hose were run with a total of 5,000 feet. Fire was under control after l 1/2 hours, and was confined to its original location. It was stopped a few feet…

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