Among the Fire Fans

Issue 10 and Volume 92.

Among the Fire Fans Jimmie Jackson, Oswego’s No. 1 buff and model builder recently underwent an operation at Strong Memorial Hospital. Rochester, N. Y. Francis Quigley, Oswego’s Safety Statistician and Co-ordinator, informs us that Jimmie has since returned home and is on the road to health again. Jimmie’s address is 147 E. Cayuga St., Oswego, N. Y. This writer spent a pleasant afternoon, several weeks ago, aboard the “red-caC of the Baltimore hire Department Marine Division. This particular redcar is Chief Grover Jones’ diesel launch. It all started when we dropped into headquarters with Bill Patterson of the Pittsburgh Fire Department; Bill was vacationing near Baltimore. At the invitation of Chief Howard Travers we boarded the launch for Chief Jones’ afternoon tour of inspection. We climbed around inside the fireboats and gave the boat houses our very best attention. Baltimore’s four boat houses are the only ones out of a…

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