Crash Truck for Airport

Issue 11 and Volume 92.

Crash Truck for Airport Prominently featured at the recent opening of New York City’s new airport by Mayor F. H. LaGuardia at North Beach on Flushing Bay, was a new type of crash truck designed especially for America’s newest and largest municipal field. The truck was designed and built by Walter Kidde & Co. It is known as tiie Lux Airport Crash Truck and is a Diamond T chassis, rated at 84 hp at 2,800 rpm. It has four speeds forward, with tandom rear axle. Its overall weight is 17,000 pounds, fully equipped and has a governed maximum speed of thirty-five miles per hour. It has a wheel base of 186 inches and an overall length of twenty-six feet. The truck cost $8,542.70. The fire fighting equipment consists of a battery of ten Lux cylinders, each of 100 pounds carbon dioxide capacity, which are connected to two trunnionfed hose reels,…

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