2-Platoon for High Point, N. C.

Issue 11 and Volume 92.

2-Platoon for High Point, N. C. The City Council of High Point, N. C., has voted the two-platoon system for the Fire Department, effective from October 1. Firemen will be on duty for twelve hours, and will be off for twelve hours. Men not actively on duty must stand by for emergencies and such added duties. Aircooled Engine Tested A test was conducted recently in Washington. N, J., by the Hahn Motors. Inc., on a new Hahn pumper powered by an air-cooled engine. It is believed to be the first American air-cooled engine to successfully pass the National Hoard of Underwriters’ test. Engine Ran 228 Hours The test was started on September 14, 1939, by Mayor Groat of Washington, N. J. The pumper was equipped with the latest type two-stage centrifugal Northern Pump, having a capacity of 500 gpm at 150 pounds pressure. The Franklin Engine, Model 6-AN-400, operated about…

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