Flames Raze Warehouse

Issue 1 and Volume 93.

Flames Raze Warehouse A three-story brick warehouse was the scene of a $35,000 fire in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Apparently the fire started in the rear of the first floor and swept up the stairs to the second floor where a greater quantity of goods were stored. Three alarms were turned in and brought a response from twenty-one pieces of fire apparatus. Fearing that the structure, completely gutted by flames in less than an hour, would collapse, families in adjoining homes were asked to evacuate. Police had to force out some who refused to obey the order. Other buildings threatened were that of a laundry plant and a bakery. Although the floors of the building were of wood, supported by heavy timbers, and the entire structure had been technically classed as slow-burning, the fire had made brisk progress by the time the apparatus arrived. The structure had no automatic fire doors.…

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