Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 2 and Volume 93.

Manufacturers’ Announcements E & J Company of New York Announces New Emerson Model An enthusiastic reception from the trade is announced by William R. Stephenson, Manager of the E & J Company of New York, in behalf of its new Emerson Model E & J Resuscitator, Inhalator and Aspirator. It contains a number of improvements in design and manufacture calculated to give still smoother and more sensitive operation. Among these is the new aspiration attachment, with its clip-top suction bottle and catheter, which enables the operator to automatically aspirate froth or mucus from drowning and other cases, thus insuring open air-passages so necessary for effective resuscitation. Several parts of the apparatus, as for example the outlet spout for resuscitation and the end wrenches holding the oxygen tanks in place, have been redesigned so as to add to their strength, utility and appearance. Both infant and adult face cushions have been…

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