Issue 2 and Volume 93.

THE COVER THE Nyack Fire Patrol observed its twenty-fifth anniversary with a banquet held at the Hotel St. George, Nyack, N. Y. on January 25. Ex-Chief Howard Sleight served as toastmaster at the turkey dinner. Well, it’s all over but the shouting, and we’re all looking forward to the fiftieth anniversary celebration. Believe it or not! I am very sorry that owing to pressure of other business which pays me better than writing this column, I overlooked a couple of items of recent correspondence. It’s a darned shame, too, because I’ve been kicking so hard when you fellows don’t write in and now that some of you have done so I have gone and neglected you. So I’ll try to make amends herewith, and IF the Editor has space for these items you’ll find them here, otherwise I promise on my honor as a fireman to have them in next…

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